Sunday, July 9, 2006


In the post yesterday from the lovely Nic were these cool chipboard shapes by Everlasting Keepsakes. Aren't they just the coolest? I'm so looking forward to using them. And so many other cool products out there at the moment. I've got some Lil Davis to play with but i'd love some of the new Cherry Arte stuff. I see Kiwiscraps have got the new papers in. I really like the East of India line. Can you tell I'm playing around with links today? Lol. Speaking of which I've got me some more peeps I need to link to. Will work on that today plus a layout I'm halfway through.

Isla is doing really well with sitting at the moment. It's really quite amazing how quickly she's progressed. Only a few days ago we had to support her constantly but yesterday she had really long periods of sitting on her own. Of course it just increases the dribble factor too. BTW yesterday was her 7 month day. Yikes, she's getting older so fast!


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