Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More pics from CC06

Ok more pics from the weekend to share.
Swap pins and my name tag which Donna Downey thought was cool. Oh and by the way i'm in a picture on her blog. This one here - in the group photo - ok so I'm right at the back, 4th from the right and that's Lucy next to me and Tana Banana in front of me and Tracy is there too.

Me and Lesley at Auckland airport looking like we've got up far too early. Me and Nic with Chloe, Kate's gorgeous wee girl.

The KP girls at the crop on Friday night. Left to right: Kris, Lesley, Nic, Tana, Lucy, Tania and me.

I had so much fun tho next year i'll definitely stay for longer so I can catch up with people more. It was a real rush cramming it all into 2 days but sure was cool. I've been scrapping hard over the last couple of days to finish off all my projects. I really want to get them done because now I'm in minialbum mode. Want to do more!


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