Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Ready to go!

All my scrapping gear is packed and i'm ready to go to Welly. My Rhonna stamps even turned up today so that was good timing eh? I'm not taking much as i don't really expect to do too much at the crop but you never know.
So tomorrow me and Isla are heading down to Onehunga and we're spending the night there at Nana and Grandad's house. It's just that little bit closer to the airport and ever so handy that Brian actually works there too so can drop me off in the morning. Lesley and I are flying down at 7am (please pray for no fog!) and our first class is at 11 - that's your one Nic, so I hope you've got that powerpoint done! Oh and Lucy, seems like you need to send the guys your chocolate!

Isla turned 8 months old on Tuesday - where does the time go? We think she's close to getting her first tooth so will be interesting to see if anything happens while i'm away. Or we could be just completely wrong, again. Here's some photos i took yesterday. Ok those last two crack me up. Is that not the biggest mouth ever?!!


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