Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Yeah so i guess it was time i updated this blog. Just got back from having a coffee with Trina and Donna. Was great to meet you Donna! So nice to go out for a chat - have felt a bit housebound over the weekend.

I've been busy doing some cards. Did some birthday cards but I can't show you those because you just never know if they're gonna stop by for a look here. But here's a baby shower card for my friend Lia. I made this from a digi kit called Little Birdy from Designer Digitals - so cute!

And this is the invite for Isla's 1st birthday - my god is it only 6 weeks away?!! Ok looks kind of funny because i've deleted out all the personal stuff on there but you get the picture.

So now I really need to do my xmas cards - i need to get a santa hat so i can do a proper photo shoot - why not right?


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