Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scraproom pics and others

So here are some pics from my new rearranged scraproom. I've tidied up heaps and put just about everything in containers - the necessity of having a baby who's just starting to get on the move! I'm really loving having my own desk now. Before the computer would share my desk, now it has its own desk so I can scrap and Daryl can play games right beside me. Works good. And yes its nice and cosy which i'm liking. I've got to a point where I really don't need every new thing that comes out, therefore less clutter. This is good. So the blue jars have my ribbon in them - i got them from Briscoes. And the little drawers on my desk are holding mounted stamps and inks - those that fit - and i got the drawers from Spotlight and painted them with testpots. Cute eh?

Ok and here are some cute pics of Isla just because. Donna was asking how the Safety Sleep was going. Well. So we've had it for 2 weeks now, and she can undo it! Go figure. She's not undoing it all the time yet and even when she has and the one time it was in the wash and not on the bed, she didn't wriggle herself around. So maybe it will all work out.


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