Tuesday, November 7, 2006

She's on the move!

Well, things are really moving along here now, literally. In the past week Isla has figured out she can cruise around the house on her own by holding onto the furniture, walls etc. And over the weekend she's figured out crawling too! Yay! Kind of funny really, she can walk really well holding onto my hands or even with one hand she's pretty good and has been doing that for a while so much so that we didn't think she would crawl. But now its just happened pretty much overnight so that's really cool. She was getting really frustrated about not being able to get anywhere on her own. Over the weekend we safetyproofed the house too, and just in time it seems! She's figured out how to open cupboards and pull books off shelves. Right now she's found the bookshelf in the office that has my scrapbook idea books on it, hmmm.

Ok so here's a cool photo idea i did over the weekend. I set the camera up on the tripod and took photos every now and then when she had moved and photoshopped them all together. I love it! Will have to do more of these.


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