Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Year - time for an update

Ok so xmas has been and gone, and new year's has been and gone. Hope it was good for you. Thought it was about time i updated on what's been going on and try and get back into some regular posting.

We finally got a new computer just before xmas but was only on it a few days before we went on holiday to the family bach up in Doubtless Bay. The weather hasn't been very summery - didn't even go for a swim so we came back early and had some nice time at home. Daryl is back at work this week and i'm catching up on things. I have a bit of scrapping to do for
Scrapbooking By Design. Go and check out the forum and the shop - all up and running now. Still got the gallery to come but hopefully that will be soon.

Isla's birthday has come and gone, she was thoroughly spoiled and looked so cute in her fairy dress - will post a picture tomorrow. She started walking on her own the day before so that was cool. Now she's all over the place, getting into everything and having a great time. She's also finally got some more teeth, now 5 and i think another one is coming through.

Oh yeah and check out this pic!


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