Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday randomness

Ok a few things.
So first off I got tagged by Ruth so here are my 7 random facts/habits.

1. I can't sleep with the wardrobe door open. Always has to be shut (in case the baddies get me, ya know?).
2. I was born in Napier, spent my first 10 years in Taupo, then the next 8 in Tauranga, then moved to Auckland to go to university and have been here ever since. Time for a change really. Would love to move somewhere smaller.
3. I recently bought my very first trimmer and I hate it. So have gone back to my trusty knife and ruler.
4. I did the Auckland half-marathon 3 years ago. Yes i was actually training and semi-fit!
5. I performed in a flamenco dance troupe for several years.
6. When i was in primary school I walked home from school the 'other way' from normal once but didn't come home which of course worried my mum who called my dad home and they went looking for me. Turns out I got sidetracked at a boy's house where they found me 'dancing' on the roof of his garage!!?! (This is the story i've been told, i don't actually remember)
7. I got taken to hospital by ambulance in my swimsuit while i was 7 months pregnant when i fainted while doing aquarobics.

So there you go.
Also check out No 8 Wired for our 20th dare! Can't believe its been going for that long. Trina has an awesome dare this week.

And also there's this cool thing:


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