Monday, May 28, 2007

Wow what a weekend!

That was such an awesome weekend. I had so much fun at Senz Manukau 07 and never having worked at any sort of trade show or anything like that or done teacher aiding before it was a really fantastic experience. It was just too cool to be working with good friends like Lesley, Donna and Trina but also to work with such a great manufacturer as Fiskars was just awesome. So thanks Helen, Nic and Bruce - I had a fab time. Helen put on some amazing workshops with a great kit for people to take home - the queues to get into the workshops were just so long! It was great to see people's faces light up about the tools we were demonstrating and to have them then go and buy them and come back to say it was thanks to your demonstration was just so neat. And now I'm really hooked on them myself too! I got a wee bit of shopping in too and saw lots of people I knew working there or visiting so all in all a great weekend. I didn't have my camera with me because it died last week but Trina and Bruce did and they've sent me some pics.


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