Friday, August 31, 2007

End of the month

And where have I been this week?

Last weekend we went for a drive up around Okura and Stillwater just to check it out really. We're quite keen on moving out of the city and thought we'd take a look. We liked Stillwater more than Okura but despite its size there is no school there or even a dairy or service station so its still a bit of a drive just to get your milk. We used to live in Dairy Flat a few years back and quite liked that but not really sure we can afford to buy a lifestyle block when anything decent is upwards of $700k.

On our way back we stopped in at Snowplanet for a coffee and noticed that its changed a little bit since we were last there. They now have a kiddie's slope for playing in the snow and tobagganing for only $15 which I thought wasn't too bad, so maybe in a few months time we might take Isla there and see what she thinks.

Then Monday and Tuesday Isla was sick and still has a real hacking cough and runny nose, poor thing. We'll be glad when the warmer weather comes.

Weds we went to the library and yesterday went and checked out the new mall at Albany. So nice to have a KMart on the Shore now and i'm looking forward to a flash new Farmers store and especially Borders.

Oh and I've been doing a few layouts too. Here's one I started at Donna's house last Friday and finished over the weekend for Scrapbook Studio. Ok so the picture of this layout is a bit washed out or something but you get the idea.


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