Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm struggling with a scrapbooking assignment at the moment (although it is just starting to come together a bit, yay) so anyway I thought I'd procrastinate and do a blog post. I can't believe how many blog posts I did last week, must be a new record.

I'm focussing more and more on entertaining Isla as she gets older and am always on the hunt for new ideas to do with 2 year olds. If anyone has any great but inexpensive ideas I'd love to hear them. Here are some great websites for ideas i found:

All about kids art: The Artful Parent
And also this one: My Kids Art
Awesome ideas for activities for preschoolers plus a newsletter you can sign up for: Kids Craft Weekly
More activities for preschoolers: Let's Explore
I've only just discovered this one so haven't really had a good look at it yet but on first glance looks good: Make and Takes
More cool ideas: Scrumdilly-do

I like checking out some local blogs too:

My friend Jo's blog: Craft Yourself
Mel Goodsell - scrapbooking and crafting (she has older kids but still some fun ideas): One Crafty Mumma

And here's another picture from Thursday's paint session.


Tracy April 29, 2008 at 9:38 AM  

What an awesome Mum! Looks like Isla has been having a ball! Thanks for the links, Emma and I will have some fun with those :)

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