Friday, November 21, 2008

My bag is handmade from the fun

So today I went to the Calico Christmas show which is a quilt and craft show held every year and I bought my first Japanese craft book. I've been wanting to buy one for ages but wanted to see one in the flesh first before I took the plunge to see if I could actually make anything in it without actually being able to understand a word in it. And I think I'll be ok!

So this is what I got - its full of bag patterns and was sold under the name of "Joyful Handmade Bags" but the literal translation is "My bag is handmade from the fun" which just cracks me up.

All the examples in the book are made in the brown fabrics you see here but I can't wait to break out some lovely bright fabrics. Here's a couple of pictures from the book, aren't they cute?

I love the cute teeny bag in the top of this picture. I might do this one first, a nice easy one first up would be good. Tho not sure about that dog, maybe a cute flower instead.


Penny November 24, 2008 at 10:12 AM  

LOL! I love Engrish - you might like too.

It looks like a very neat book and the handbags are very joyful.

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