Monday, September 18, 2006

Dare layout

Thought i'd share my latest dare layout here even though its also over on the dare site. Seems lately i've been doing a few things for competitions and not able to share them so its nice to put this one up here.

Isla is recovering from her first cold. Poor wee girl she's still a little rattly in her chest with her breathing but is definitely on the mend. And she now has 2 teeth and Daryl thinks something might be happening up top as well. So i'll have to have a look today.

Got my new scrapping desk but its causing a bit of a headache trying to reorganise my room. Now we have 2 desks and the couch in there but i still need to try and fit a bookcase and some cube shelves in too. And still not sure which desk will end up with the computer on. Gotta get it sorted cos i need to print some photos.


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