Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yay they're all done!

Finally finished all my layouts and projects from Crafting Connection 07. So pleased about that. Here is the last album I finished which is from Tia's class The Whole Enchilada. Actually was a bit of a struggle to finish it but I got there and am really pleased with it. The theme i used is all about our house because this is the first home we've owned so thought it would be a neat idea to remember the things we've done to the house and in the house etc.

I'm trying to finish a whole lot of unfinished projects at the moment. Here's one I finished last week and yes this is from Crafting Connection last year - an Ali Edwards class. I didn't actually do the class, only got the kit and its been sitting there all this time.

Isla has made quite a bit of progress over the past week:
  • she's finally getting her molars through, yay! Though they are causing her a bit of grief
  • she's starting eating with a spoon all by herself. Wants to feed herself her brekkie. My girl is growing up!
  • she's climbing really well. Has suddenly taken to climbing the ladders at Jumping Beans after months of showing absolutely no interest in them. However this has meant some more safety-proofing at home.
  • she's really good at holding my hand now when we need to walk together somewhere. Its actually really nice.
  • on Friday at coffee group she gave Ben 2 kisses and Jack 1. Was the cutest thing - i wish i'd had it on camera!
  • on Sunday she gave Caitlin a hug - was so sweet.
However yesterday at Jumping Beans she got hit on the head by a boy there while she was trying to climb onto the trampoline. Unfortunately this boy has hit her and others before which is not very nice but what can you do. She wasn't very happy after that, poor wee mite, so we went home early.
And on Thursday we visited Lesley for lunch and Isla was given this and she absolutely loves it! Thanks so much Lesley!

ok that's enough for now. Later.


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