Friday, June 1, 2007

Been to the zoo, zoo, zoo

So lately, Isla has been fascinated with getting the potatoes and onions out of the cupboard and carrying them back and forth, as you do when you're 1 1/2 years old. Which is all very well but you do tend to get onion skin dropped around the house. But I just had to laugh when I went to put my shoes on and saw this:

Had a fantastic day yesterday at the zoo - the weather gods put on a lovely day for us. Met up with Jo and her 2 kidlets, and also Sarah and Gillian from coffee group and their 2 boys.

And on our way back past the giraffe enclosure, we spotted the 2 ostriches getting jiggy wit it! OMG that big boy was so proud of himself afterwards, strutting back and forth - seemed like he was going "yeah i'm the man!" and his wife was like "yeah whatever". LMAO!!!! And no, i didn't get a photo of that!!!

Oh and Trina, let me know when you're next going. We may be able to meet up.


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