Monday, June 4, 2007

WIP and other randomness

Here is my current Work-in-Progress. Its another Emily Falconbridge designed layout similar to this one I did at Crafting Connection.

There's also this. I'm making a crochet blanket - it was meant to be a baby blanket for a friend who was having a baby. Ok so she had the baby back in January so now its going to be a dolls blanket for Isla.

Tonight's dinner - Chicken Cacciatore - bubbling away in our new slow cooker. Purchased yesterday at the Queen's Birthday sales. Yummo!

Silly self-portraits - we have a camera with a flip-around screen so Isla thinks its the best thing being able to see herself. Unfortunately my arm isn't long enough!

And having fun with her new animals we got at the zoo on Thursday. This first photo just cracks me up - look at that expression!


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