Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More proof.

Where has the time gone? I can't believe i haven't updated for so long!

So last Friday i went to a Stampin' Up workshop at Jo's house. Was loads of fun, thanks heaps for the cool demonstration Janine! And I spent some money on stamps, not as much as i could have tho!

This week I have been doing some layouts for Scrapbook Studio using some Rhonna Farrer French Twist papers (very nice and bright!) and also some Daisy D's papers. Will share those layouts soon - I want to do at least one more first. Its so nice to actually do some layouts for me. I feel like I've been finishing class projects etc for a while now. Tho to be fair I have got a bit sidetracked on a few other crafty things - at the moment i'm in the middle of knitting a teddy for Isla, nearly finished now. Will be the first thing I've ever knitted so feeling quite chuffed.

And here's more proof that my girl is in fact, a girl. Wearing Mum's shoes and carrying her handbag around.


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