Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Monday

Well here it is a new week. Today we had our last Jumping Beans class for the term. Next term Isla moves up to the next level so looking forward to that.

And had some cool friends over for lunch: Lesley, Jo and her kids and Annie, an online buddy who I had never met before though it certainly didn't feel like we'd just met having known each other online for many years now! Just too cool. Unfortunately my camera died on me before i got some group photos, then of course i managed to get it going again after everyone had left! Anyway here is a shot i got of Isla, Keira and Cole playing together - 3 little cuties!

And check this out! I just bought this off Etsy. The name of the shop is Sugarloop and she's based right here in Auckland - how amazing is that? Isn't this the cutest print? Can't wait to get it.
And go Team NZ! So cool that they won this morning - 4 to go now. And if you go to this page here you'll see a picture of my hubby! Quite an old pic really, lol.


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