Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Shoes, again. And a weekly review.

Ok so it doesn't actually matter who the shoes belong to, just the fact that she can get her feet into them. So here she is displaying a keen sense of fashion wearing her Dad's sneakers along with her teletubbie suit:
So last week there were no blog posts because my camera died and really you can't have a post without a photo now can you? No, totally against the rules. So now the camera is fixed (it appeared to be suffering from out of battery-itis! Oops) we can start posting again.

Ok so in the past week we went to the zoo - no photos. But Lesley got some very cute shots of Isla being led around by Amanda, so cute.
We went to Trina's house on Wednesday to pick up my Stampin Up stamps. This is what I got.

On Saturday went down to Nic's house for a big gettogether of some online scrapping friends. Was great fun and while there we all made a cute little album and took pics which we printed out on a wee portable printer so we could all stick them in right there and then. The wonders of technology! I finished my album yesterday - here are some pics.

And some inside pages:

This morning we went to lapsit and i also got these books out of the library.

And this was lunch today.


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