Monday, September 24, 2007


Finally bought some actions yesterday - have been meaning to for ages! These are EZActions but are also available from Digi Scrap Shak which is where i got them as they had a 50% off sale. I'm not quite sure but i think the standard actions are just a one-click action but the Pro versions give a lot more flexibility and control so I got those versions. The cool thing is these work in Photoshop Elements - yay! The Demo black and white I don't really like - i find it a bit flat. I like my black and white photos to have quite a bit of contrast so I may buy the Pro version of that one too. I really like the Vivid Color one and I like the look of the Acid Wash too. Some of the photos I've darkened up the backgrounds as well with the Paint with Light feature - which is very cool Here's some examples:


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