Monday, September 17, 2007

Home again

Back home again after being away most of the past week in Mt Maunganui with a daytrip to Rotorua too. We had a wonderful relaxing time. Was just really nice to spend all that time with Daryl and Isla and of course the grandparents got to see Isla again which they loved. Here are some pics:

Her first visit to a big swimming pool which went really well - she pretty much just walked straight in and later we took her into the big pool, walked her in right up to her neck. Must start considering swimming lessons now.

We also went to a petting zoo. Her first closeup encounter with animals apart from the zoo. Was really funny because we kept getting hounded by chickens for food i guess. Isla had the death-grip on daddy's hand! Lol.
On Saturday we went and visited some good friends of ours in Rotorua. Went for a lovely walk through the Redwoods Forest and then later drove up to Lake Tarawera. Good times.


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