Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Busy week

Last week I did 4 layouts! Yes, 4! I believe that is a record for me. Three of them are for Scrapbooking By Design - you can see them here. And the other one is for the Dare site. Though my layout is yet to go up - will be going up tomorrow.

The She's All That layout was one I started last Thursday at Trina's house. A group of us went there to crop together. However not much got done! I think I only stuck down about 5 teensy strips of paper, lol. Was great fun though, catching up with friends I hadn't seen in a while.

I have a layout I need to do using stamping so this weekend I'm off to purchase some new stamps - bummer eh? They need to be a particular brand that I have some of already but I'd just like to see what else is available. I think I need something new and fresh.

Isla has slept the last 2 nights without her Safety Sleep which is really nice because she was turning over a lot and then getting stuck. And its a big pain in the ass having to get up a couple of times in the night just to turn her back over. So the last 2 nights its worked not using it, only problem now is she's managed to wiggle up the bed and out of her sheets so she's got cold. Aaargh! Might have to raise the cot a bit at the top end I guess.

Here is a cute pic of her the other day sitting in a frypan. Why you may ask? Why indeed. Then again why not? At the moment she has a bit of a bruise on her cheek from running with saucepans and falling over onto one! Poor wee thing.


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