Sunday, February 25, 2007


End of a long week and a long night last night. Isla woke up last night at 1am, something she's been doing for a few nights now, but last night she was also sick, so 2 1/2 hours later she finally crashes and we can get her back to bed. So we're all feeling a bit tired this morning. Yesterday she didn't want to have an afternoon sleep so she's a bit behind in her sleep at the moment.

I've just finished reading Peter Jackson's biography - quite interesting though riddled with grammar and spelling errors which bugs me. I mean what are proof readers for? So anyway got me interested in Lord of the Rings again so we've started to watch the films again. Its taking us a wee while though - we've been watching Fellowship of the Ring for 2 nights now and still haven't finished it!

I went to Stamp Zone yesterday and got some new HeroArts stamps - these ones. Though they're rather expensive there (I also got some off TradeMe for $25 cheaper!), it was interesting to see what they had in as I hadn't been there for a year or two. And actually it wasn't much worth seeing so won't be back in a hurry. I'm all for the online stores these days - they have such better ranges and the latest products and always better prices too.

Here is my layout I did for the Dares this week. This is Isla's first passport photo. Journalling says: "We call this your stunned mullet look". Rofl. Amazingly she posed well for the shot as they're very picky about the photo these days. I think she was so stunned that some stranger was taking her photo that she just didn't know what to do!


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