Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Get Crafty

The last week I have been getting into a whole lot of home crafty things. I've just finished my term on the For Keeps design team so now I have a bit more time (not much more!) to spend doing a few other things that I've wanted to do for a while. Making things for Isla such as soft toys, cushions and dolls etc. I'm into homemade and vintagey things for her at the moment. I got out all my old quilting fabrics that have been gathering dust and realised I can actually do something with them, so stay tuned! I put some of the ones I like into this box to keep with me in my scraproom. The rest had to go back into storage under the stairs - i don't have enough room to have all my stuff out much as I'd like to one day. Aren't these fabrics yummy?

And I'm off to Spotlight tomorrow to check out some more and to get more felt. Can't get enough of that at the moment. I made my first handsewn stuffed felt thing recently - this heart. Its a complete copy of one I saw on Elsie's blog, but hey gotta start somewhere right? Love the colours together and all the buttons on it.

Last weekend we went down to the local market and we picked up this doll's cot for Isla. So cute. I still need to paint it up as you can see. I made the wee mattress that you can see in it and also plan to do a pillow. My MIL wants to make a little quilt for it, can't wait to see that. Should look great with some stuffed toys and dolls in it.

This is my latest inspiration too. Awesome magazines, so much inspiring stuff in there. I'll have to keep a look out for these in the future.

And this book too has inspired me heaps. I want to make some fabric books. Another great way of using up quilting fabrics, trims, ribbons, buttons etc and get something cool out of it.

And check out this cool wire jug. I got this from a local gift shop. Isn't it cute? I think I'm going to make some fabric flowers to go in it.


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