Thursday, July 19, 2007

So this is my 100th post!

Yes really! Who would have thought i'd make 100 posts. So I've actually had the blog for a little over a year now and whadda ya know? It's still going, lol! Ok so it hasn't actually been very regular but its kinda fun to look back on all my posts and i guess this is a good time to say thanks to everyone who's come to read and left comments. Thanks so much!

So anyway, what i really was going to say in this post was about my cool shopping finds of the last few days. Last Saturday I went to a crop in Pukekohe and round the corner was this awesome gift shop and I got this:

Then yesterday I went to Sylvia Park for the first time. Man its huge! I was in heaven in Borders, just too much to look at and not enough time though I got a new Maisy book for Isla. But i got this at a gift store there:

OMG i love it. I have put rubber stamps in the bottom basket and inks on top and its sitting on my scrap desk. I hate having to rummage around to find the right colour ink so hopefully this will work out well.

I also found these gorgeous cards. Two from Borders and one from another gift shop. I think I might frame them. They go really well with the print i got a few weeks back too.


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